I have been a proud patron of Tica's Coupon for eight months now, and am so glad i am!  When Tica's Coupon first approached me, I, as a brand new business owner, was hesitant.  I had done a newspaper ad, placed flyers throughout the community, and am on Facebook- this would be uncharted territory.  But, i decided to take advantage of a totally new advertising method.  Things did not happen immediately, but, Tica's had prepared me for the probable awareness time able - and he was correct.  Slow, but sure, the coupon is being brought in from all over the area, and knowledge of Gifts & Thrift is growing.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and now, word of mouth by Tica's Coupon users is increased the rate of awareness noticeably!  The consistency of knowing each month the coupon book will be there, and my ad in it, brings people back and helps in increasing the number of new people, who find us!
Karen Farkas
3003 Walnut Ave
31st Street Plaza altoona
(814) 942-2016

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